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Why choose a strategic, integrated, data-based approach for better events?

It’s the difference between a successful event, and just a busy one.

End-to-End Solutions

For any event to be successful, it must be:

  • Strategically planned
  • Effectively executed
  • Quickly analyzed

When you choose to partner with Yipkos, our holistic, end-to-end approach is the key to a more successful conference.

Digital Tools for Your Event

We strategically design, build and track all the digital tools you will need to create meaningful experiences for your attendees that they will actually WANT to engage with.


  • Rep-Triggered Emails  
  • Promotional Email Campaigns 
  • Event Teasers
  • Add Ancillary Event Invitations


  • Digital Kiosks 
  • Product Demos  
  • Videos 
  • Gamification 
  • IVAs  
  • Hospitality Ordering Systems  


  • Platform Integrations for Seamless Data Access  
  • Analytics  
  • Reporting