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Looking to strategically plan, execute, and analyze effective pharma events?

The Yipkos approach focuses on your complete digital conference success, from end to end.

Yipkos helps you change this for good

A Trusted, Tested Approach

Our entire focus is on helping you to take an end-to-end approach to conferences and events.

For any event to be successful, it must be:

  • Strategically planned
  • Effectively executed
  • Quickly analyzed

Without taking all these stages into consideration, an event simply can’t succeed.

Why it works

Plan Events Strategically

By planning events strategically, you choose which conferences to attend based on your OKRs and KPIs – not on trends or traditions.

Attend events that align with business goals

Then, when you do attend the events that align with your business goals, you’ve prepared thoroughly for effective execution.

SmartBooth gathers insights

Your own SmartBooth gathers insights about HCP interactions, both historic and present. Reps are also trained in our natively-built, smart lead retrieval application, so that you never miss a detail.

Plan your next conference with confidence

Best of all, you can plan your next conference with confidence and ease, basing all your decisions on trusted data.

Can deliver custom reports & gather insights

We can deliver custom reports, gather insights on specific HCP interests, trigger follow-up emails and more.

Reps know who to follow up with

And once that conference is wrapped up, your Reps now know who to follow up with, when – and what they were interested in.

ShowLeads feeds those details into CRM

During and following the conference, ShowLeads feeds those details directly into your CRM, and integrates in a way that makes post-event engagement a breeze within your existing set up.

Working together, we help you